E-Mailing CJ
If you have any questions for me, or just want to drop me a line, go ahead and email me, CJburgandy[at]Burgundycomics.com by clicking the box below

Just keep in mind that sometimes I am slow to answer, even more so when I'm not at home that weekend.

Rockin' Best Comics!
We are the Rocking Best Comics of the internet. That is, we are the absolute best comics anywhere. Baby you KNOW IT.
We kick everyone's ass, we are so awesome and mighty. You want to have
our babies. Admit it. It's okay. I would totally want to have my babies too.
We've never updated this site, just a warning. we're all lazy!

Other Online Portfolios
These are links to online portfoilios of my friends. Enjoy!
Laurel K.
Elizabeth Allen
Claude T.C.
Kate Ashwin

Recommended Webcomics
These are just basically comics I enjoy and recommend to everyone. some don't update anymore,
and I might remove and replace them later.
Titles of the comics are in the alt text because I made the buttons very tiny to save load time. :D Comics are in Alphabetical Order so you can't tell which ones I like best and no one can get a fat head about it.
the Adventures of Dr. McNinja Anders Loves Maria Angry D. Monkey the B-Movie Comic Breakdown
C'est La Vie Daisy is Dead Darken Dawn of Time Earthsong
Elf Only Inn Emergency Exit Gastro Phobia Girly Gorgeous Princess Creamy Beamy
Gunnerkrigg Court Head Doctor Productions Hope and Laurie I was Kidnapped by Lesbian Pirates from Outer Space!!! Inhumation
Intragalactic Joe Loves Crappy Movies Just Another Escape Kagarou Kate Beaton Historical Comics
Kawaii Not Kinokofry Lackadaisy Muertitos No Rest for the Wicked
Nobody Scores! the Non-Adventures of Wonderella Octopus Pie Out There Parallel Dementia
Peace Keepers Pictures for Sad Children Pimpette and Associates Reckless Youth Rob And Elliot
Scary Go Round Shenanigan Shonen-ai Kudasai Sinfest Star Bored
Super Squad Templar, Arizona Ugly Girl Ugly Hill Zeera the Space Pirate
Little Know Fact #182: CJ once wanted to be an Opera Singer.
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