CJ Burgandy was Born in Anchorage, AK and raised in a small town just a few miles north. To encourage her to read, in the first grade, her parents started buying her comic books. Since then, it's been her favorite passion. In the 4th grade, she set in her mind that comic books were going to somehow be part of her career.
In between High School and College, CJ spent a year overseas going to school in Thailand. She really hopes that any book she creates could be translated in Thai, but unless she writes a comic about telling directions and talking about food, she couldn't do it alone.
          Upon her return, she went to college for an art degree, up until she ran out of money. Someday she plans to go back, finish her degree and think about becoming an art teacher.
          Her first comic that had actual readers was Burgundy Comics, INC, followed by other short lived comics that never got past 10 pages. She has been working on a charity comic book called "Captain Sheltie" for the national sheltie rescue group. The first issue debuted in 2008 at the ASSA nationals. Lately she's been working on an artistic piece with a modern retelling of Greek death mythology called Thymos. someday, she might actually finish the 10 page project.
          CJ has a deep love for the Sheltie breed. She currently exhibits the shelties her mother and her breed at local dog shows and obedience trials. She even does Sheep Herding with them. The sport is more painful than most would think. In 2007 CJ gained a shoulder injury due to a run by Eweing.
          CJ, like most people, didn't survive the great Alien attack of 2082. Granted, she was 100 years old at the time. She is survived by her house full of Shelties.

CJ has gotten a lot of Questions in her mailbox over the years. Mostly about Alaska. Here are her answers to her most F.A.Qs.

Wow, Alaska?! That must be pretty damn cold. Do you live in an Igloo? Own a dog sled? Have a pet Penguin? Are you a vampire? that never sees the sun? Do you eat whale or that other weird shit that Andrew what’s his name eats on Bizarre foods?
          Yeah, Alaska is cold in the winter, but Anchorage is actually warmer than most cities in the north mid-west part of the lower 48 states. Anchorage gets warm wind storms, even in the winter, which keeps our tempatures mild for the most part. It can dip well below freezing in Jan/Feb, which are our coldest months. If you venture farther north, like to say, Fairbanks, it's way damn cold in the winter, but hot as hell in the summer. Barrow is also cold, but I don't know what their summer weather is like. I've never been.
          I do not live in an igloo. That's like asking someone in New York if they live in a Long House or asking someone in Montana if they live in a teepee. Logically, my computer would melt a hole in my wall if I lived in some kind of house made of snow and Ice.
          I have a lot of dogs, but not sled dogs. My Shelties weigh about 10 to 20 pounds each. Not sled material. I drive a station wagon. It runs better on the roads in the summer than any dogsled would.
          There are no penguins in Alaska. Not even at the local zoo, even though you'd think they'd have penguins there. They should you know. Wild Penguins though, do not live in the arctic.
          In the winter, on the longest night of the year, Anchorage gets about 4 hours of sunlight. I'm never in total darkness, though sometimes it feels like it, when you go to work in the dark and then drive home in the dark. In the summer, we barely get anything but sunlight, so I have a bedspread stapled over my bedroom window. Keeps out the summer midnight sun and actually keeps my room warmer in the winter as well. That and I'm afraid if I take it down, there might be spiders back there. D: And no, I still crave meat, veggies and potatoes. Not big on the blood sucking
          I saw that episode of Bizarre foods, as I find the show amusing. Sadly, Andrew didn't pronounce barely anything right. Chugach is not Choo got, its Choo gatch. Kenai is not Ka-Nai its Kee-nai and Kuskokwim... I can't reproduce how he said it because it took us the rest of the show to figure out what river he meant. It's said like Cus-ko-kwhim. Which makes me think he didn't actually see the name of the river written down. Now with that out of my system. Muk Tuk, Whale blubber, is gross. It's like chewing on a fish flavored piece of gum that gets bigger and more juicy as you chew it. XP. Moose is one of the yummiest meats in the world. I think it taste more like Beef than venison, but others might say different. Reindeer on the other hand tastes a lot like Venison to me and Reindeer sausage is a yummy staple in my diet. If any of you Cheechakos get up here, you must try it. No ifs ands or buts. Everything else on that show that you saw him eat, that stuff is mostly only eaten by natives out in the small villages that have no road access and no stores and they have to take a plane to go shopping for food they don't catch themselves. I'm a city (small city, but city none the less) gal. I don't eat gross things. I don't even like Salmon.

I need advice on something. See, I want to... but I have to tell... and I think they'll freak/ground me/kill me...
          Hold the phone. I'm not a good advice giver. More so if I don't know you. I am not Dr. Drew, I cannot help you with your love/social life. Hell, I'm not even Delilah. My only suggestion is talk to your friends/family/local therapist. Not me.

Do you have a MySpace/Facebook etc...?
          I now have a facebook page, right Here! You can like me if you want. What fun! I also tweet, which you can read the feed on the main page.

Have my Baby?
No, no thank you.

What is a Cheechako?
If you have to ask, you are one. Don't worry, it's not a bad word.

Ok, I think that covers it. Go explore the site.
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